Upcoming Mission to Malawi

I am excited to inform you about my upcoming Mission to Malawi.

Mission to Malawi 2016 March


Problem & Passion

As you may well know by now, I am quite passionate about serving God in Malawi. I have identified 3 problems that, with God’s help, I hope to help alleviate. I believe that God has prepared me, inspired me, and called me to help with these specific problems. Let me name them for you:

  • Ignorance of the Gospel
  • Hunger (drought)
  • The insidious advance of Islam

Solution & Aim

On this Mission to Malawi now in March 2016, I will be focusing on helping folk in the rural and neglected areas to:
  • Understand the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Increase the production of food through the Bright Water Project. I will soon post more details regarding this project.
  • Be prepared and trained to effectively share Christ’s love with their Muslim neighbours.

Thank You !!

This Mission to Malawi will be the first mission conducted by High Light Africa. I am very grateful to those of you who financially support me as a missionary and also those who support me through prayer and encouragement. I greatly appreciate your partnership in the Gospel with me in this way. It is you who make it financially possible to conduct these mission trips.

Prayer Request

Please pray with me that God will provide all the resources needed for this Mission to Malawi to be a success.  I will soon send an update on the specific prayer requests.

Thank you for your love, your support, and prayers.

May God’s richest blessings surround you daily!

In His service and still loving it!

Michael Watson

“That His glory may dwell in the land”. – Psalm 85:9b

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