Perplexing Paradox of Peace

Malawi Mission: Ministry Report

Dear Friends and Family

I greet you in the mighty and merciful Name of Jesus Christ – Creator of all things, Sustainer of the universe, Saviour of the world, and Lord and Master over all powers, rulers, and principalities.

I am delighted to have this opportunity to share with you briefly about my recent missionary adventures to Malawi – the country known as the ‘Warm heart of Africa’. Malawians certainly are very warm-hearted and friendly people.


Mission in a Nutshell

My very good friend (who is also bishop of the Evangelical Baptist Church of Malawi) arranged a very busy schedule for my 4 weeks in Malawi. By God’s grace, I conducted Evangelism Training in 5 rural churches among which I also distributed 100 Bibles in local language (Article: Bibles for Believers) and 12 bags (600kg) of corn (Article: Food for the Famished).

Tangible Prayers

Thank you very much for praying for me – your prayers were tangibly noticed and exceedingly appreciated. I really felt God’s leading and guidance and His strengthening Hand throughout this mission. I was filled with excitement and eagerness as I taught from God’s Word feeling inspired, moved, and prompted by the Scriptures themselves.

God’s Word Endures

One motivating factor during my time spent ministering in these rural churches was this: Help these precious people personally find answers in God’s Word individually. I did not want them to learn from or rely on me (a temporary and faltering presence in their land), but rather that they would learn from and rely on the Scripture (which is God’s Word, is Truth, and has eternal value enduring for all time).


Message in a Bible

As I handed out Bibles (Article: Bibles for Believers) to the incalculable craving hands which received them with great eagerness, I stressed and emphasized the importance of understanding the Message that God wants us to receive through the printed pages of the Bible. “There is a message to you from God Almighty in this book – something of value that He wants you to know…read it…study it…find it…understand it…”

Requirements for Entrance

Together we discussed the Bible, searching for answers and guidance on how to be righteous enough to enter God’s Kingdom (Matthew 5:20, Romans 3:21-26). The only answer we could find to this pressing and pertinent question was: Righteousness comes as a gift from God through faith in Christ Jesus.

Perplexing Paradox

When we found this answer, there were great smiles and grins of excitement (almost ecstasy) on the glistening faces of these hearts now gripped in the clutches of God’s wonderful Message of Grace – “This is Good News! We’ve got to tell somebody!”. Many, however, also had a cloud of confusion trying to dispel away the good news, as if their brains were short-circuiting, battling to understand the contrast and conflict between: Righteousness by works vs. Righteousness though faith. I could see the question on their faces even before they asked it. “How can it possibly be?! Righteousness is intrinsically linked to deeds and behaviour. Righteousness as a gift just doesn’t make sense!”

Amazing Grace!

This is the amazing awesomeness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!! It doesn’t make sense – that’s why it’s called Amazing Grace! Christ Jesus took our sins upon Himself, received the punishment and wrath of God on our behalf, and clothed us in His Own Righteousness (2 Corinthians 5:21, Isaiah 53:5,6,10). Awesome! Breath-taking! Miraculous! Marvelous! Spectacular! Splendid! Undeserved…

Manifestation of Faith

We also went on to discover that when we believe this preposterous Truth, this astonishing Gospel message, we become a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17), we receive a new heart and have new desires (Ezekiel 36:26,27), and there will be fruit (Matthew 7:15-21) and deeds (James 2:14-24) that accompany our faith and serve as evidence of it.


Share the Good News

After examining these basic foundational truths of the Gospel, we then turned our attention to discussing how we can share this life-changing truth with our Muslim neighbours. We understood that we are not trying to make Muslims become ‘Christians’, we just want them to understand and believe the fact that the Creator of the world, the God of Abraham is freely offering a precious and valuable gift of Righteousness to anyone who will believe in Jesus Christ as the Straight Path into God’s Kingdom – and then reconciliation with God and eternal Life follow as consequences of receiving this gift of Righteousness. I found great help and insights on .

Pray for Workers

This briefly describes my teaching ministry that I was privileged to share at the 5 rural churches that I visited in Malawi. Please pray for those who attended these teachings that they would not only comprehend and embrace the authentic Gospel, but that they would be effective and productive in sharing this Good News with their neighbours. Pray that God will raise up passionate Gospel workers in Malawi to spread His astonishing Message and that many will come to faith in Christ, especially Muslims.

Pray for Food

Please also pray for the people in Malawi, especially our brothers and sisters in Christ, who are facing a very harsh hunger season this year. They have just entered their harvest season (April) which has brought happy relief from this last hunger season – but the relief will be brief as the harvest has been drastically poor. The hunger season will come early and be seriously severe this year. They will barely recover before the next hunger season relentlessly strikes.



I am consciously aware that this Mission would not have been possible without God’s grace, guidance, and provision. The Light of the Gospel has been unleashed in Malawi, because of you. Your gifts of finances, prayers, encouragement, and advice have culminated in the successful completion of this Mission to Malawi. Thank you very much!

Upcoming Projects

Please pray for and consider supporting one of (or more) our projects which we are hoping to launch this month.

The Joseph Project

The Bright Water – Solar Irrigation Project

These projects are specifically designed to help our fellow believers to have food for their families without creating a dependency on foreign aid. Read more about them on our website

Thank you for your interest in our work and for your partnership together with us for the sake of the Gospel.

May God bless you abundantly, thoroughly, and perpetually!

In His Service – and loving it!

Michael Watson
“That His glory may dwell in the land.” Psalm 85:9b

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