Demolition, Construction, Fun, & Fellowship

Dear Friends and Family

I am pleased to bring you a delightful report on our recent Botshabelo Mission of May 2016. This was a mission trip arranged by Tokai Community Church which I was absolutely thrilled to be part of.

Here is a short video I put together summing up our experience on this Botshabelo Mission.

Botshabelo Mission – video report


Team of Fun and Fellowship

We were a team of four strapping ‘young’ lads (ok, I admit that’s an exaggeration – only one of us was a strapping young lad, the rest were ‘grumpy old men’ [now I’m really getting myself in trouble]); the truth is we were a team of four ‘cool dudes’, brothers in the Lord, who had a great time of fellowship during the 24 hours we spent in the ‘noble steed’ (Amarok) that comfortably carried us to our destination in Botshabelo, Free State and then back home to Cape Town.


Goals & Objectives

Our goal was to help our brothers and sisters in Botshabelo at our partner church, Holy Trinity Botshabelo (HTB), with some practical hands-on work.


As I have mentioned in Upcoming: Botshabelo Mission, HTB has recently, with the help of generous partners, been able to construct a magnificent new church building. This new building stands in stark contrast to their old building which has been standing right next to it. The old building was built with rusty old galvanized roof sheeting and wooden poles. This was a great and wonderful place for them to worship in until their super-duper new building was constructed. It was decided that the old building be demolished as there was no longer any need for it. So this was one of the things we went up to help with.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”
– 2 Corinthians 5:17

Demolition Team

John and I set our hands to the work of demolishing this shack church. Those iron sheets were nailed, wired, screwed, and pop-riveted together so good that it was quite a challenge getting everything separated from the next. After I broke a borrowed hammer within the first hour of work, I realized that this wasn’t going to be an easy task. We had great fun and fellowship whilst keeping our hands productively busy. I enjoyed getting to know some of the other men I was working with. Though our languages were clashing, our hearts were knit together by the blood of our mutual Saviour.


Construction of Cupboards

Demolition was not the only thing we set our hands to whilst up there, we also did do some construction work. Ferdie was in charge of the building of the built-in cupboards for the kitchen and caretaker’s quarters. He had the capable hands of Allan to help him with the assembling of all the pieces. As soon as John and I had gone as far as we could with the demolition work outside, we came in to help Ferdie and Allan with constructing these cupboards.

Late Nights, Worship, and Nourishment

We worked late into the night on Saturday finally laying our tools and our heads to rest after 01h00. On Sunday morning we joined HTB for their worship service where John preached from Mark 13:32-37. After the church service, we were served with a scrumptious meal before getting back to the work of cupboard building. Once again, we worked late into the night until we were satisfied that the work was complete. It was 04h00 by the time we packed up. We rested 4 hours before we packed the vehicle and headed for home.

Here is a short video I put together summing up our experience on this Botshabelo Mission.

Thank you to those who have been faithful to support our mission work through your financial gifts, your prayers and your encouragement. Your love and partnership is much appreciated!

May God bless you thoroughly and make you effective in sharing His Light with those around you.

In His service – and loving it!

Michael Watson
“That His glory may dwell in the land.” – Psalm 85:9b


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2 thoughts on “Demolition, Construction, Fun, & Fellowship

  1. Hi, Mike and Renee-good to see you both serving the Lord like this. New Church interior fittings look super! Not bad for “grumpy old men”? and one strapping young lad, of course! May the Lord add His blessing to everything you do in His name.

  2. Mike your progress and achievements in, through and for Christ are absolutely awesome. You and Renee’ are no doubt blessed with great organizational skills, you are an amazing team. Love your new website. The seed you sow reaps a lot of joy and prosperity, be blessed and I plead the precious blood of Jesus over, around you, your household and ministry.
    Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it and pray for you.
    Please give our love to Renee’, like you, she is so special.
    Uncle Dave and aunty Lynn

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