Mission Begins

Dear Friends

What a whirlwind time this has been these last few weeks. Right now, I am in Cape Town International Airport preparing to fly out to Malawi via Johannesburg. I will likely finish this update on the airplane and send it off at my lay-over in Johannesburg.

The Malawi Mission September 2016 is officially underway. God has worked wonderfully and miraculously to provide all the required funds for the budgeted expenses. Thank you to all who gave to make this possible. I am vividly awed by God’s faithful and amazing providence each time I set out on a mission trip like this.

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In the past few weeks I have been frantically studying for my Explore the Life of Jesus exam at George Whitefield College, I have thoroughly prepared and handed in my application to study at GWC (which included a Recognition of Prior Learning application, a Bursary application, and a Motivational Letter to allow us to bring Perpetua to live with us in the college accommodation), and we have also attended the membership classes at Tokai Community Church and been able to hand in our application forms for membership at TCC where we feel exhilaratingly at home. We love the preaching of the Word, the Bible studies, and the fellowship and community we experience in being connected with the brothers and sisters there.

God’s Amazing Provisions

There is so much to be grateful to God for! God has in the last few weeks certainly exploded my mind in the way that He has shown His love and care in providing for our needs.

One huge blessing that has recently come our way is in the fact that TCC church council has offered to pay for my Theological studies tuition fees for next year! This is an amazing blessing and we are intimately grateful to God and our church for this.

God has provided dramatically and completely for the needs of this Malawi mission. Both financially, spiritually, and practically.

I am particularly grateful for the funds which came in for Bibles Chichewa to be purchased in Malawi. I now have enough funds to purchase 3 cases (x24) of Bibles. A donation also made the purchase of 3 MegaVoice Audio Bibles for 3 particular blind people I met on my last Mission to Malawi. Wonderfully MegaVoice also donated an extra 3 Audio Bibles!


Christian Book Discounters have also blessed me with 10 Study Bibles and 15 books on Prosperity to donate to pastors in need in Malawi. This is an amazing blessing!



Busy Ministry Schedule

On the ministry schedule side of things, the program has come together quite nicely. My very good friend and co-worker in the Gospel, retired bishop, Barnet Phiri has done a very effective job of organizing and arranging a very busy jam-packed ministry schedule. I am looking forward to a productive and busy time of ministry in Malawi for the next 18 days.

Joyful Sacrifices

I have left my dear wife, my rib, the most beautiful at home. Our sacrifice of separation from each other during this mission, the money we spend (together with all that of our valuable and vital donors and supporters like yourselves), the giving up of the right to earn a salary for the privilege of sharing the Gospel, the giving up of the comforts of home to live in rural Africa and suffer together with our fellow brothers and sisters through their daily hardships– all these sacrifices and more are not only a motivation to make every second, every encounter, every opportunity worth something of eternal value, but also reminds me of the huge price that our Lord Jesus Christ paid for us to have the Gospel message – the mystery of God, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory!

I am eager and excited as we head in the direction of Malawi. I write these words from 39000 feet up in the air as we fly to Johannesburg where I’ll get my connecting flight to Blantyre, Malawi.

Please Pray

Please pray that God will give me good health and strength for effective Gospel ministry. Pray that God will give me wisdom and insight into the needs of the people I will be ministering to.

Though I have prepared much, pray that God will prepare my heart and words so that I may speak meaningful words and lessons as I teach and preach. I have been so blessed to have been studying the Explore Course this year and learning at the Prepare to Serve Bible Studies at our church; I feel I have so much to share. But I am intimately aware that without the leading of God’s Holy Spirit, all my knowledge will be useless. Pray that God will make me sensitive to the needs of the people and sensitive to His leading.

Pray that I may leave something of eternal value in the hearts and minds of those I will minister to.

 “And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ, for which I am in chains. Pray that I may proclaim it clearly, as I should.” Colossians 4:3-4

May God strengthen you and fill you with the knowledge of Himself with all spiritual wisdom and understanding. [Colossians 1:9]

“That His glory may dwell in the land.” Pslam 85:9b

Michael Watson

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One thought on “Mission Begins

  1. Dear Michael
    Such good news that you are studying further and for first year’s costs covering. I will be praying for the granting of a full bursary. You will be an excellent Pastor and well seasoned in the mission field.

    Also will be praying for the Malawi Mission – I know how meticulously you plan and this will be honored, I am sure. Looking forward to further updates.

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