Overdue Update

Hi there friends of High Light Africa

I imagine you may be wondering what is going on with High Light Africa these days.

I am into my second year of studies at George Whitefield Theological College. These studies have demanded most of my time last year and I expect this to be the case also for the next two years.

Unfortunately this means that I don’t have adequate time to give to the priorities of High Light Africa.

Please know, however, that the vision for High Light Africa still burns strongly within me and I will pursue this with whatever time and energy I have as such becomes available.

We have decided to postpone the registration of High Light Africa – Malawi until after my graduation in 2019. This decision was made due to me not being able to provide the constant attention that is required to keep HLA-M going in the right direction.

This year in September, I plan to join our College for a Mission to Lesotho for 10 days. More about that later.

This website will continue to be an online presence for this vision and with God’s help, I trust it will be a blessing to some and a possible means of enlisting the help of other like-minded people who may be able to assist our vision in some way.

I will appreciate your continued prayers whilst I pursue my studies and this vision for High Light Africa.

May God bless you thoroughly and perpetually!

Michael Watson

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