Way of the Master Evangelism Training

We are intensely passionate about the Good News of Jesus reconciling mankind to God.

I list this as a project of High Light Africa because it is our goal that Africans get trained up and effective in sharing their faith in love, boldly, and with confidence and clear direction.

Productive Courage

I have been a great benefactor of the Way of the Master Evangelism Training Course since 2008. Before I encountered this great evangelism training course, I was very eager to do evangelism, but I lacked the ‘know-how’. But since 2008 when I did this course, I have had great confidence in evangelism because this course provides simple, useful, direct, yet inoffensive principles which give direction and purpose to the evangelist.

The-Way-of-the-MasterI have been through this course material numerous times at the Great Commission Courses and Camps that Frontline Fellowship runs annually. I even started teaching/presenting this course in South Africa at various churches and youth gatherings. I have seen many folk gain great boldness and confidence in sharing the Gospel with strangers who before they went through the Way of the Master Evangelism Training were shy and fearful about speaking to strangers about their faith.

Cultural Challenge

My challenge came in when I began trying to teach this course material to other cultures in Africa north of our borders. Though the principles are still useful, I had to find new ways of presenting the course material to make it more meaningful to their respective cultures.

Intense Excitement and Triumph

This was intensely encouraging to me because as the truths of these great principles of evangelism got through to them, their eyes lit up with excitement as they themselves became eager to go out into the village huts and share the Gospel message with their neighbours. They would come back with glee and triumph emanating from their faces as they report on how the Gospel message was received and how useful this training was.

Unleash the Light

This is exactly what I love to see happening in Africa – local people becoming passionate about the Gospel and excited to share it with others. This is why I am always seeking opportunities to share this valuable Way of the Master Evangelism Training with others.